First Appearance: "Garth"

As a small child the man who would become Garth was washed ashore in the Shetlands in a tiny coracle (this origin not revealed in "The Saga of Garth"). Pulled out of the sea by an elderly couple who then adopted him, Garth grew up to be incredibly strong. He became a Navy Captain, but his boat was torpedoed and the shipwrecked Garth was washed up from the sea on a wooden raft, amnesiac from his experiences, coming to land on a small island. There. he is discovered by Gala, a native girl, who introduces him to her people, and who he later saves from a despotic tyrant. 

In "The 7 Ages of Garth", we discovered Garth could relive his pat incarnations - effectively travelling through time and space.

In the 1970s story "Journey into Fear" it was revealed Garth had extra-terrestrial origins. His great-grand father, Space Exploration Commander Wolfen from the planet Saturnis, fell in love with an Earth woman and Garth was the result of their relationship.

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