Writer: Don Freeman & Stephen Dowling

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 24th July January 1943 - 11th March 1944 (B175 - C61)

Number of Episodes: 197

The opening adventure was set in a mythical “Lost Horizon” type of world. Creator Steve Dowling was an admirer of Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates, and its mysterious Far Eastern setting. “

Lashed to a raft, after days adrift, delirious and suffering from partial amnesia, Garth is washed up on a strange shore. Here he is found by an attractive native girl, Gala, who administer the kiss of life.

Gala is a member of an underground opposed to the tyrannical rule of a High Priest, who plans to invade a neighbour country. Garth agrees to help her cause by pretending to act as a figurehead ruler under the High Priest.

Using his great strength and cunning, Garth defeats the tyrant and his murderous High Priestess Ola, and helps Gala’s father find his long-lost daughter. Garth then travels on by balloon, hoping to reach western civilization and restore his memory.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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