Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 7th August 1944 - 16th September 1944 (C187 - C222)

Number of Episodes: 36

With this story the plotline develops into science fiction. Arrived at Lumiere’s island, Garth finds an ultra-modern scientific research centre, Dawn is dressed in modern clothing and continues her education — and her rivalry with Karen for Garth’s affections. Lumiere carries out a successful experiment to resuscitate the frozen mammoth, which runs amok. Only Garth’s strength saves the party.   

Lumiere then offers to help Garth regain his memory by putting him under the influence of his ‘recapitulator’, an electronic gizmo designed to put those under its influence into a trance, when they will experience their past lives as a speeded-up dream. Garth is to relive his past reincarnations up to the moment when he lost his memory.

Lumiere warns that during moments of crisis or peril, he must utter the Indian evocation “KARMA” in order to pass safely to his next existence. Karen and Dawn also volunteer to share Garth’s trance.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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