Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & John Allard

Published: 22nd January 1946 - 20th July 1946 (E18 - E171)

Number of Episodes: 154

In this last phase of his trance, Garth relives his earliest years in the present.

Shipwrecked off the island of Thule, the baby Garth is washed ashore in a crib with a strangely inscribed sword. He is adopted by Ragnar, leader of a community descended from Vikings, and his wife Thora. With his great strength of mind and body as he matures, Garth seems destined to succeed Ragnar as leader. 

Ragnar’s renegade brother, Sven, leads a gang who loot wrecks washed up on the isle. Enraged to discover his daughter Gerda plans to marry Garth, Sven tries to shoot him. Seeing his action, Gerda runs to warn Garth — straight into the line of fire. Garth kills Sven in retribution, and buries Gerda where she died, along with the sword found in his crib.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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