Writer: Don Freeman

Artist: Stephen Dowling & Dick Hailstone

Published: 22nd July 1946 - 19th October 1946 (C172 - E249)

Number of Episodes: 78

Garth joins the Royal Navy, to fight the Nazis. His ship is sunk in the China Seas, and he abandons ship on a raft, eventually being washed up on a strange shore to be found by Gala.   

His memory restored, Garth has Lumiere fly him to Thule, to see his adoptive parents. Lumiere’s mystic ray has imbued Garth’s body with an electro-magnetic energy, causing any electric machinery near him to cut out. These powers enable Garth to prevent the government from turning Thule into a radio and electronics centre, and return control of the island to Ragnar. 

Karen and Dawn have followed Garth, but still mourning Gerda, he tells them he is not interested. Rebuffed, Karen flies off, leaving Dawn behind. Lumiere perforce becomes her guardian.

Because of his unique powers, Garth is then recruited as a special agent by the foreign office to undertake a top-secret mission in India…  

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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