Writer: Jim Edgar

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 15th December 1989 - 16th March 1990 (X299 - Y65)

Number of Episodes: 78

On the planet of Subucus, men have become slaves to Lilith, sister in evil to The Great Beast. Her assistant, a witch named Morcred, tells Lilith about Garth, a man capable of resisting her charm.

Morcred summons Garth through the Sword of Honour, a prize presented to him for winning the British Fencing Championship.

Garth is tricked into believing Lilith has denounced her evil ways and has fallen for him. She becomes a bat and poisons Garth with a bite to the chest. Captain Creda, a servant to Lilith, rescues him by sucking out the poison.

Morcred turns into a monstrous swordsman that Garth defeats with his sword. A group of rebels and fugitives, led by Creda and her brother Tirus, come together and attack Lilith's palace. Once again she becomes a bat and escapes. The planet of Subucus is now at peace and Garth returns home to Earth.

Synopsis by Ant Jones

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