Writer: Philip Harbottle

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 15th December 1992 - 16th March 1993 (A300 - B64)

Number of Episodes: 78

Garth experiences vivid dreams of a planet dying from global warming. Professor Lumiere deduces he is telepathically linked to his “cosmic twin” on a distant planet (Lyra). He transposes Garth’s mind with that of Lyra’s ruler, Crax, who had been placed in therapeutic sleep. While he slept his “Shadow Leader” Nazrin has forced the population into building spaceships to migrate into space, unaware they are sabotaged to explode. An insectile alien race are focusing the sun’s heat onto Lyra through vast lenses in a tunnel cut through its moon, to force the exodus.

Garth and Crax’s girlfriend Elvia follow Nazrin to the moon, where he is revealed to be an alien who had been “wearing” Nazrin’s dead body. Garth and Elvia escape in a spaceship, smashing the lenses and destroying the moon in the process. Crax reclaims his body just as Elvia, unaware of the switch, is about to make love!

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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