Writers: Philip Harbottle & John Allard 

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 15th September 1993 - 14th December 1993 (B221 - B298)

Number of Episodes: 78

Serving as a United Nations Observer on a Pacific island, Garth teams up with Cindy Lee, a feisty Texas lady leading a relief convoy to the village of Lontaga — cut off and under the domination of the crazed General Kano, a local warlord. Kano seized control of a chunk of the island when civil war broke out, and uses the villagers as slaves in a copper mine. He gets weapons by smuggling out copper with the help of crooks from Tokyo.

Using his great strength and cunning, Garth successfully leads the convoy past Kano’s forces to reach Lontaga, but Cindy is kidnapped and taken to Kano’s HQ, an old Spanish castle. About to be whipped by Kano, Cindy is saved when Garth intervenes. After defeating a Sumo champion in a fight to the death, Garth escapes with Cindy by hanging onto a dragon kite as a typhoon destroys the castle.

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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