Writers: Philip Harbottle & John Allard

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 15th December 1993 - 16th March 1994 (B299 - C64)

Number of Episodes: 78

Waxmel, interstellar entrepreneur, (a parody of Robert Maxwell) stages sporting contests televised across the galaxy. His current champions are brothers Dez and Zed Grimos from his home world. Garth and Megon (a being from a high gravity world) are snatched across space to compete in three contests: a sled race across an ice zone, a race to find water in a desert, and a contest to ride on the back of a genetically engineered sea monster and steer it back into harbour.

Waxwel rigs the contests to ensure the Brothers’ victory. They win the first, but lose the second and decisive third, in which Dez is killed by the sea monster.

At the awards ceremony Zed hands over the Champions trophy to Garth containing a bomb planted by Waxmel, but Garth and Megon outwit them and both are killed. The triumphant Garth and Megon are returned to their home planets. 

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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