Writer: Philip Harbottle

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 15th September 1994 - 23rd November 1994 (C221 - C280)

Number of Episodes: 60

In remote futurity, the sun is dying, the Earth freezing. To solve the problem scientists construct the Arbiter, a super computer incorporating human brains. It telepathically forces its creators to encase their brains in cybernetic units—machine men, impervious to the cold. Humanity is culled, and only a few hundred retained as servitors in the City of Machines.

One scientist, Gofal, remains free of the Arbiter’s control. He transports his ancestor, Garth, across time to help save humanity. Immune to the Arbiter’s telepathic control, Garth is able to remove one of its brains encased in a super metal, urillium. Duplicating this metal, Gofal encases a spaceship in it, enabling Garth to fly close enough to the sun to drop a super bomb that will restore the sun.

The sun melts the ice on Earth and the resultant floods destroy the City of Machines. Gofal then restores Garth to his own time.      

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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