Writer: Philip Harbottle

Artist: Martin Asbury

Published: 19th January 1995 - 29th March 1995 (D16 - D75)

Number of Episodes: 60

Garth and Professor Lumiere witness an experiment to transmute metals, conducted by physicist Jeff Barclay. But alongside transmuted metal, there appears the almost nude body of a beautiful woman, who speaks an unknown language. Barclay is suspended pending a scientific inquiry. Lumiere assumes care of the mysterious girl, Iana, and with the besotted Barclay, teaches her English. 

At the inquiry, Lumiere asserts that Iana is an alien who died in space, but whose body atoms miraculously reassembled in the laboratory. He is not believed, and Barclay is dismissed. Garth’s reservations about Iana are justified when she murders Lumiere’s housekeeper and paralyzes Barclay with the power of her mind. She seeks to destroy humanity as revenge for the destruction of her planet (now the Asteroid Belt) and begins murdering leading scientists, including Garth’s old girlfriend Dr. Carol Highton. A vengeful Garth succeeds in utterly destroying Iana by atomic bombardment with her transmutation machine.  

Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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